Thursday, 26 June 2008

26th June 2008

Last night I went out with Kerry, Tam and Emma to see Sex & The City, the film was really good and I laughed and cried! We went for a few drinks in the globle afterwards, it was really nice being out and I got to wear my new pink shoes. My new pink shoes are what Kerry brought me after having Grace. They have been sitting at the top of the stairs in the bedroom and I have looked at them everyday and told myself that I will get to wear them on day and yesterday that day came! The great thing about my shoes is that although they were pretty they were also comfortable! What more could a girl want!

I can't believe that Grace slept till 7.45am this morning! She still woke at 5am but went back to sleep which was good as I didn't go to bed till 12.30am, my latest night yet since Grace was born!

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

18th June 2008

I have just sent these 2 digital scrapbook pages to Scrapbook Inspirations Magazine for consideration for their readers gallery. My layouts show how I looked and felt at the end of my pregnancy. I am glad that I wrote how I felt as you soon forget once your little one arrives!

Life has suddenly got much easier now that Grace has reached 9 weeks old. She can now sleep through the night from 9pm till 6am, she can get herself to sleep and is much more content to play with toys. I feel like a new woman after a full night's sleep which I wondered if I would ever see again. I actually had time to go on the computer today and have some me time!
Yesterday my friend Pauline came to visit and brought me a lovely present of a carved wooden figure which is a mother holding a baby. It had a little card with it which will make a perfect quote for a scrapbook page of Grace. The quote is as follows:
Child of my Heart
Child of the world
Into my heart you came -
Bringing sun into my life,
Making family our name.