Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Cupcake Crawl ............

Warning, do not read this post if you are feeling hungry! 

Hi everyone, I meant to share this at the beginning of the week but time has just ran away with me again!  Anyway I wanted to share some pictures from my weekend of the cupcake crawl I went on for my Birthday.   You know you are getting old when you want to go on a cupcake crawl rather than a pub crawl but I did have lots of fun!  Me and a few friends went to London for the day to sample cupcakes from a few of the famous bakeries.

First stop was Peggy Porschen which was in a very posh area of London. 

This was my favourite bakery of the day (what's not to love about a very pretty pink shop!) and this was my favourite cupcake Banoffee!

Next stop was the Humming Bird Bakery at Portabello Road 

I had a very nice carrot cake cupcake here

 and the final bakery was The Primrose Bakery at Convent Garden, this is me and my sister inside

My final cake of the day was salted caramel which was delicious!

And finally on last picture to show you the Birthday present I got off Will and Grace, a lovely new mixer to bake lots of cupcakes.  I also got a lovely coffee machine from my in-laws so now all my friends can come round for latte and cake! 

I hope I have not made you feel too hungry after all those pictures of cake!

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs Lynsey x


Sarah said...

What a great idea Lynsey and they look delicious!! xx

susiestacey said...

Oh my Word - did you manage all those cakes in one day Lynsey - l just have to look at one and the pounds go on. Looks like you had a wonderful time x Susan x

julie_woolston said...

Oh wow Lynsey those cakes look delicious, so beautifully decorated, what a great idea and something very different, so pleased you enjoyed your day.
Hugs Julie xxx

Jackie said...

I would have had no trouble at all keeping up with the cupcakes. Lovely photographs :o)
Jackie xx

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Glad you had fun. How you managed so many cakes I don't know.

Rebecca Bradshaw said...

Looks like such a fantastic day! The photos are brilliant, I'm hungry now...